Tuesday, April 18, 2017

April's Poem: Hello

Hello dear friend,
It's been a while since I've talked to you
How are you doing?
I'm doing fine.
A lot has happened since you left
I've had trials but I know you've been there
I have felt you near when I needed you most
I still miss you and I wish I could hear your voice
But for now, I will just say goodbye
Talk to you another time
I'll never forget you

Dedicated to Christie Lynn Bateman Thompson <3

Friday, March 10, 2017

March's Poem: Who Am I (redone)

Who Am I? (version 2)

I like swimming and hiking
I like photography and meditating
I like video games and TV
I like movies and popcorn
I like sushi and hot dogs
I like campfires and sleeping outside
I like warm showers and indoor plumbing
I like sleeping all day and staying up late
I like reading and being alone
I like dancing and listening to music
I like playing Checkers and Uno with friends
I like sitting on the beach and walking along the shore
I like being inside and hiding under a blanket
I like psychology and learning new things
I like technology and computers
I like oldies music and listening to records

There are so many versions of me, some of them are hidden
Some only come out for certain people
Yet I love who I am, who I've become, and who I want to be
I no longer wonder who I am
Because I'm me


Sunday, February 12, 2017

February Poem: Again

Announcements on Social Media
Hands in hands, lips on lips
Sweet words, sparkling eyes
Cards, candy, flowers, gifts
Nothing for me
Empty mailbox, empty heart
Maybe next year will be different

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Poem: The Car

The Car

I had been having a rough few months
Life was hard, and I wasn't making it easier
Sometimes I wondered why I did it
Was it really worth it?
I was tired, both physically and mentally
And my emotions were up to the surface
I wanted to give up, go back to bed
For the rest of my life

I wasn't thinking much, just set on my destination
Not paying attention to much other than that
My feet were pushing me forward to where I wanted to go
When suddenly, I felt something to hit my arm
I can remember a scream and I saw a white car
Where I had just been seconds before
I felt annoyed at first, but not scared or hurt

As I reached the sidewalk, someone asked me if I was okay
My vision was going black, but I nodded automatically
They gave me a hug and made a joke, which I nervously laughed at
And asked me again if I was okay
Again, I nodded automatically

The driver yelled across the street, checking up on me
Always in auto drive, my brain not working right
I said I was fine and kept walking
I looked behind me and saw the girl watching me, so I waved
To signal that everything was fine

As I continued to my destination, my brain slowly caught up with me
"I JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR" it screamed, waking me up
I made myself keep walking, because I knew I'd go hysterically if I didn't
Made my feet go forward as over and over in my head the words repeated
That I was okay, I was alive, and I only hurt a little

Later that day I realized that I needed that bump
I needed to realize that I'm here for a reason
I might not know exactly why, but I'm here for something
And I need to keep moving forward through the hard times
Everything is for a reason, and I know why I was hit now
I almost want to find that girl and tell her thank you

Monday, December 5, 2016


Has it really been a year since I posted?  Wow.

Times have been crazy but I have a few ideas.  Hoping they all work out, but I'll share a few here :)

  • Nanowrimo:  I kind of failed this but hey, I finally figured out where I'm going with my Wolf Tamer novel.  So I am hoping to get that written by the end of 2017!  I also am planning on doing Nanowrimo again next year and hopefully having an outline planned this time.
  • Poem-A-Month:  I apologize that I dropped the ball on this one this year, but I'm hoping to get back into in 2017.  So expect a poem every month starting in January!
  • I am planning on doing a lot more writing in 2017!  I want to just write, I miss just writing.  Not necessarily having a plan, just writing down different story ideas and just being silly most of the time.  I love it.
  • I have a goal to get even a self-published book done by the end of year.  I don't know if that'll be the Wolf Tamer story or a different book, but I think it'd be fun to try something on Amazon.  So we'll see!!!
Stay tuned for fun stuff!  :D  Thanks for sticking it out with me!

Monday, October 12, 2015

September's Poem -- For Daniel

For Daniel

Your journey ended sooner than we thought
We didn’t know about the demons you fought
You may not like the tears, but we can’t hold them back
It means that we know what we now lack
You entertained us and eased our pain
We only wish we could have done the same
Though we may never understand all of it
We’ll always remember your quick wit
Your words and music brought laughter and smiles
We didn’t know it but your world was full of trials
We will always remember you and what you stood for
In our mind, you’ll always be a man of lore
Good bye Daniel, rest now in peace
We know your pain has now ceased
You’ll live on in our minds and our hearts
And cherish all that you created; all of your beautiful art
In memory of Daniel Kyre 1994-2015

I know I've been MIA but school's been hard for me.  I do want to continue writing poems once a month though, even if they're dumb.  :)

This poem is about someone who I just discovered this year.  I watch a YouTube gamer/actor/vlogger by the name of Markiplier.  He recently moved in with some guys who did sketch comedy, Ryan and Daniel, by the name Cyndago.  Unfortunately Daniel passed away last month due to an apparent suicide attempt.  It was really hard on the guys and they all took a break to deal with their feelings and give them time to grieve.  Mark has recently been uploading videos again and seems to be in a great place.  They actually all seem to be in a great place, but Ryan and Matt (who has a channel called Kids W/ Problems and recently joined Cyndago and is Mark's editor) are taking a little bit more time before they start coming back to YouTube.  Ryan announced that Cyndago has ended, but it sounds like Ryan is going to be working with Matt and Mark, and Matt is going to continue with his own channel as well as helping Mark.

Daniel was only 21, so his life was cut tragically short.  He was an amazing musician and really funny.

I know this is long, but I feel I need to say one more thing.  Please, if you ever feel that you have no one to turn to, and you feel that suicide is the only option, please know that it's not.  There are several resources out there, and you're not alone.  So many people want to and can help you, but you have to reach out.  Please seek help before making that decision.  There's always something to live for, you just need to find it.  If nothing else, you can type "Suicide" into Google and you'll find help.  Don't do anything without seriously considering it.  I know it hurts, but suicide is never the only option.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sometimes I wonder: June Poem

Sometimes I wonder if we've met
Maybe somewhere distant, or right here
Sometimes I wonder if we know each other
From the past...or will in the future
Sometimes I wonder if I've ever seen you
Or dreamt of you, or imagined you
Sometimes I wonder if I met you, would I know
Would I know if you were the one
Would you know if I was the one
Would we know it was right, it was ours
Would I know what to say
Would you know what to do
Would we know if it was time
Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever find you
Sometimes I wonder if you'll ever find me
Sometimes...I wonder